Imagine a piece of paper full of lots of words, torn up into lots of little pieces. That’s what I imagine this to be. Just scraps of thoughts. Shreds from a life full of dissonance and lots of other ‘nances’.
It’s as if these are little brainwaves being caught by a large (inter)net. This is a place where what I’ve observed or things I’ve thought about have space to be, grow and sit. Things I’ve pondered about myself, the world, God. Things I’ve noticed. Perspectives I’ve had.
I don’t claim to offer up anything new or exciting. A lot of it might feel same-old, same-old. But I hope this brings you something prism-like, where light is refracted. Perhaps new shades or angles will be seen. I don’t know.
So this is me adding my tuppence-worth of words and thoughts to what’s already out there. All in all, though, these are simply little pieces, fragments of a much fuller picture and story. And I’m ok with that.