Notes On Moving During A Pandemic

In September 2020 I moved. House, job, city, country, community, church. Everything was uprooted as I ventured down from Glasgow to London. And all of it was set against the backdrop of one big ol’ global pandemic, numerous lockdowns, and multiple, complicated tier systems. During the past eight months, I’ve done a lot of learningContinue reading “Notes On Moving During A Pandemic”


Breath.Breathe.Breathing.2020. A year to focus on breath(ing).In and outIn and outIn and out.I cannot breathe. A refrain for this year.Australian wildfires.Respiratory disease.Systemic racism.Each dilemma pointing out the wounds inour globalised body.Be it climate change.Healthcare inequality.Racial injustice.Every wound runs deep.Every breath runs shallow.


Bewilder.Be wilder.Be wild.Be full of the wild.—What does it mean to be full of wilder?A mishmash ofnegative and positiveadrenaline and anticipation.Profoundly exhilaratingyetprofoundly debilitating.—Looking round with eyes wide,an uncontained sense ofsurprise,shock,suspense.Unearthing some juicy gossip,swallowing a spicy chilli,submerging in icy water.—Timeslowsdown.It could be overwithin secondsbut linger there forhours,days,years.—Sweating of palms,skipping of heart,lurching of gut.Embodied and disembodiedsimultaneously.Being fullContinue reading “Bewilderment”

Things I Like (Unashamedly)

Eating lime pickle out the jar Heist films Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Breakaway’ album Piles of half-read books next to my bed Once a week hair-washing Tunnels Naming TV presenters Sriracha and tahini together Curating my Instagram stories into highlights Poetry (reading it even when I don’t ‘get’ it) Receiving letters (hint hint world) Rewatching ‘Friends’ CookiesContinue reading “Things I Like (Unashamedly)”

The Call to Stay Rooted

I’ve been wondering about writing something like this for a little while. I feel like there’s a growing amount of content being pushed out there into the world about living life as a twenty-something. So, I’m throwing my hat into the ring. I’m not sure if my words really add much depth or breadth toContinue reading “The Call to Stay Rooted”