I Find Comfort In

  1. The sound of rain on the roof as I drift off to sleep
  2. My dressing gown
  3. Lots of house plants
  4. Seeing windows full of light
  5. A warm kitchen
  6. Snoring dogs
  7. A bunch of opened letters received from friends
  8. Watching Community (my comfort blanket TV show)
  9. Piles of half-read books stacked next to my bed
  10. Stomping through scattered autumn leaves
  11. A deep conversation shared over a walk
  12. Slow morning coffee
  13. Brewery smells
  14. A piping hot shower
  15. Orange juice
  16. Painting splodges
  17. Slight mess that lingers
  18. My dad’s homemade jam
  19. Reading recipe books before bed
  20. Being listened to
  21. Cooking to classical music
  22. The prayers of others
  23. Cycling along a river
  24. A cup of tea made by someone else
  25. Jigsaws
  26. Watching bugs carry food/leaves
  27. Low level mist
  28. Streetlamps
  29. A pair of worn out shoes
  30. Baked beans on toast
  31. Picking wild brambles
  32. Slow Sunday afternoons
  33. Woodlands
  34. Peering out at the night sky from a window
  35. Wood burning stoves
  36. A dram of whisky
  37. Running in the rain
  38. Poetry spoken aloud
  39. Photographs of Scottish landscapes
  40. Writing lists like these

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